In Memoriam


Peter J. Casey joined MGSAR in 2011 after a mass recruiting session was held by the team. His love of the outdoors started as a young boy when his father would take him hunting and fishing and with his experience Peter felt volunteering with a search and rescue team would be a good fit for his skills and he was right! Peter approached every search with with a positive attitude while relying on a combination of life experience and GSAR training. Peter was a valuable team member not only for his searcher skills but as one of only two trained MGSAR members who could drive our Command Post. He was also an important participant in any fundraising and volunteer activities hosted by MGSAR and could always be found wearing our signature orange uniform with a large smile on his face.

Peter was a family man who wanted nothing more than to make his two young sons, Tyler and Kyle, proud. We, the MGSAR team, feel that he more than exceeded by showing his boys the importance of team work, community spirit, and volunteerism.

Tragically, on March 3rd, 2016 at the age of 34, Peter passed away. Peter was a great father, husband, son, friend, and team mate. He will be sadly missed.


Peter Casey









Mark Andre Corbett
Born 1957 in Trenton Ontario.  He was the son of Mary (Arbuckle) and William Corbett.  Mark and his seven siblings grew up as “Base Brats” with the Royal Canadian Airforce.  The family was stationed overseas in Europe, and then to CFB Chatham, NB.  Mark graduated from James M. Hill Memorial High in 1975.  At the age of 20, he moved to Winnipeg, MB, where he married and started his own family.  He worked as a train conductor for the Canadian Pacific Railway with a career that spanned over 34 years, and retired in 2012.  Once retired, he moved back to New Brunswick and reunited with his many beloved east coast friends and family where he planted his final roots before his passing at the age of 58 in November of 2015.  
Mark was a natural athlete, and was involved in many sports throughout his life.  He loved to play with his mates on the CP Rail hockey team “Winnipeg Thunder”, and was an avid world traveller to many exotic locations such as Thailand, China, Mexico & Jamaica.  He enjoyed a fast paced lifestyle that included flying, skydiving, riding his hayabusa motorcycle, and driving his sports car.  He also enjoyed volunteering with the Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue team, and became a qualified searcher as he wanted to help others and valued all life.  He was a caring person with a magnetic and charismatic personality that warmed the hearts of many. He will be missed greatly by his MGSAR team mates and the community.