Many thanks to Irish Festival Inc!

Thank you goes out to all who gave their time to Irish Festival Inc this past weekend and a huge thanks to Veronique Arseneault for thinking of us, Kevin Bowman for training us and the Irish Festival Inc. Committee for allowing us to be there. We had lots to do and Lord knows, it sure got busy there last night. Considering that was the first time most of us were involved in volunteering for the Irish Festival, we did a great job and they were very grateful for our help.

Thank you also to MGSAR! You guys did everything from slinging drinks to hanging balloons and all points in between. We are now $1500 richer and are a step away from having our new generator that we desperately need. All is fine and dandy to have our trailer and a new to us Command Post that is almost signed, sealed and delivered thanks to the hard work of MGSAR volunteers. But alot of good it will do us if we can’t power it all.

Also, our

team’s next general meeting is this upcoming Sunday, 28-July-2013 at 1900hrs. Attendance is of utmost importance and mandatory for Executives. Same place as the last 3 attempts to book this, Station 2 on the corner of General Manson Way and Pollard Blvd. on the Base in the Miratech building, between DEW engineering and the pool. Meet at door facing Pollard Blvd.
Thanks everyone, let’s go generator shopping!!!
Kim Dickson