October News

A special thanks to the Miramichi Police Force and our new liaison, Ethan Baisley, for providing the MGSAR team’s new Searcher 1 manuals!

  • Thursday, October 27: Searcher 1 training at NBCC Miramichi Campus for the Environmental Technology staff and students
  • Sunday, October 23 @ 3pm: General Meeting at the Base (71 Thorneycroft St)
  • The website has been updated to include a dedication on our “In Memoriam” page for our team mate and friend, Peter Casey, who sadly passed away in March of 2016. Special thanks to Peter’s wife, Charline, for supplying the wonderful photos of Peter in GSAR orange.

In Memoriam

One thought on “October News”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Peter, he was all that and more, you could count on Peter, if he said he would be there, he was and with a smile. Thank you Peter for your contribution to MGSAR.

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