The new home of, “Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue!”

Mock Search

2012 has seen alot of changes for our team.  From an almost disbanded team that consisted of 3 active members to a headline in the Miramichi Leader that was, “Calling All Searchers.”  And respond we did!  We now have a team of 30 active, Searcher 1 qualified members, a whole new Executive and a renewed vigour.  Undoubtedly prompted recently by two searches on the Miramichi in 3 years.  I know I was.

Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue (MGSAR) is 1 of 9 teams in New Brunswick, Canada.  We have not only the largest jurisdiction (Northumberland County) in our province but also the least populated and extremely diverse in terrain.  We are continuously recruiting and always training in everything from; orienteering, survival, tracking, first aid and CPR to human behaviour.  We are the silent heroes.  We are the unpaid professionals.  Our motto, “So others may live.”

And we are back!